Current : Taipei, Taïwan
From : Paris, France

About Anthony

Anthony was born and raised in Paris, France.

He taught for more than 9 years around Asia before coming to Taïwan.
Thanks to his experience, he’s now in charge of 2fluent course plans and material content.


I approached Anthony at 2fluent having taken many French classes over a 20-year period. I did not even know what level I was at! I made a request to focus on speaking , comprehension and grammar, the latter being my personal interest.

Anthony has accurately assessed gaps in my knowledge and devised each lesson so that it is appropriately dense and sufficiently stimulating. I never get bored in his class, and whenever I feel lost, he senses it and immediately extends a helping hand. There is no grammar point he cannot explain, and , being a linguist myself, I love it!

I highly recommend Anthony if you like structured instruction and yet hate boring language classes. You will have fun while learning a lot in each class.